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We're going at it again

So we’re hoping to get a new 7” out to all you nice people in the world (maybe even to some of you jerks as well).  The key is going to be helping us out by pre-ordering a copy through kickstarter and getting some really cool bonuses for kicking in a bit extra.

if all goes well we should have a nice 7” piece of vinyl out to you by the end of the summer….if not, who know….global apocalypse maybe?

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In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s our episode of Bands in the Backyard!

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BITBY and Milkboy Philly

Thanks everyone for coming out for the premiere of our BITBY session last night!  We had a lot of fun playing and the episode looks great thanks to Kyle, Dave and the gang over at BITBY.  We’ll be playing next Sunday, January 22nd at Milkboy Philly with Low Roar (from Iceland!) and fellow locals Soporus.  It’s sure to be a great night so please come out!

Our BITBY session will be showing up at bitby.org sometime early this week, so stay tuned!


Bands in the Back Yard

We will be recording our session with BITBY this weekend! Please head on up to Tacony Music Hall for the premiere and a show featuring us! It will benefit Women in War Zones. https://www.facebook.com/events/202323023190184/ January 14th, doors at 6:00!


Ports of Calls Live Session for The Key @ XPN

We recorded some songs for The Key at WXPN this past weekend.  Check ‘em out!  Featuring three previously unreleased tracks.


Music For Headphones @ North Star

Hey all, just a small announcement: We will no longer be playing the Adam Franklin show this Thursday at the North Star. In our stead will be our good friends Music For Headphones!!! Should be a great show. We will hopefully have more shows to announce soon.


9/20 Terri’s show thanks

Thanks everybody for coming out to Terri’s last night.  And super thanks to Jonathan for inviting us out to play, it was a great time, and a great lil space!  Now on to next week and the Adam Franklin show at the northstar, where we will see Jonathan again with New Speedway.  


Free Ports show tomorrow at Terri's in south philly

9/20 pairs the low fi indie rock aesthetic Cy Twombly with the blissful gazey sounds of Ports of Call. Ports of Call’s most recent record, Fractals, has been on regular rotation during Jonathan Mono’s Sunday Late-Night DJ sets since it came out. Both bands are pretty amazing, and seriously, what else are you doing on Tuesday?

Teri’s Diner and Bar1126 S. 9th StreetPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania


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your life in art

Ports Of Call

thomas again takes to downtime with another cover, this time a mojave 3 song, there is another in the wings as well, but this was just a precious little cover.  figured i was ok with it being in the world.  enjoy.

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Demo Clip #1

Ports of Call

Here is a short clip of a song we having been demoing… lots of new stuff in the works.  But for now, this small preview.